Staff 2017-18


 Principal :      Mrs B Gray  ( Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection )


                      Mrs Gray has been a member of  Staff in Hazelbank Primary School since 1998.  

                      She taught Special Needs and then spent 8 years in Primary 1/2. 


                      She took up post as Principal in September 2009


Primary 6/7:     Mrs K McComb / Mrs B Gray


Primary 5/6     Mrs J Scott  ( Designated Teacher for Child Protection)


Primary 4:     Miss K McKay


Primary 3:     Mrs A Fraser


Primary 2:     Miss E Glasgow                   


Primary 1:     Miss C Montgomery


 Support Teacher: Mrs A Fraser                     


Mrs H Neilly & Mrs L Young (Classroom Assistants)



Support Staff:


Primary School Secretary: Mrs Pauline McNeill


Building Supervisor: Mr George Backus