Newly Constituted Board of Governors: April 2014




Each Board of Governors serves for a 4 year term and then must be reconstituted in accordance with Department of Education and NEELB guidelines.  September 2013 saw the end of that term of office for the existing Board however due to the ongoing work to amalgamate the Education and Library boards the reconstitution was delayed for a period of months. Consequently elections were held in February to select two new Parent Representatives and after the obligatory PSNI checks and when the Board had confirmed their own appointments a new Board of Governors was constituted for the 2014 – 18 period. 


Mrs M Redmond, who had served as a Parent Representative was instead appointed by NEELB as one of their representatives.


Mr David Bradley and Mr Frank Warwick were elected as Parent Representatives.


Our sincere thanks to the previous Board of Governors for their dedicated service over the last four years.




Mr J Robinson Chairman

Mr T McCurdy

Mr G Robinson

Mrs M Redmond



Mr W Smyth Vice-Chairman

Mrs H McKendry



Mrs J Scott



Mr D Bradley

Mr F Warwick